This picture was taken during my first trip to New Zealand, on November 11, 1995, which is Spring in the South Pacific. It's one of my favorite pictures, and has been my screensaver at work ever since it was scanned.

Bungy jumping is one of many "adventure" sports available in New Zealand - they seem to feel that you can risk your neck however you like, but don't come crying to them if you hurt yourself. This particular jump is about 45 metres high (about 150 feet for you Americans), over the Waikato river in the central part of the North Island, and as you can see in the picture it's a very scenic location.

Before you ask, YES I was scared - petrified actually, as I'm afraid of heights. I finally decided I was going to force myself to do it. It is VERY difficult to approach the edge with a rope tied around your ankles, and even harder to actually make the leap. However, once I was in the air it became fun - the only trouble is, it's over so quickly.

The ponytail was to get a lot longer, but it finally disappeared in the summer of 1997.